Why You Should Wear Gloves When Preparing Beetroot


If you have discovered how delicious beetroots can be in a restaurant, at a party, or a friend’s house, you may want to prepare it yourself.  But before you do, you must have to have a pair of gloves first.

Yes, disposable gloves are one of the first things you need before you can touch this unique vegetable.

The deep red-violet color you see on the stem and roots of beets aren’t just skin deep.  They can stain not just your hands, but wooden chopping boards, walls, and practically anything it comes in contact with.

Food author, Jane Grigson referred to beetroot as the “bossy vegetable” because it can also stain other ingredients, thus, the need to prepare beets separately.

Where does its “ink” come from?  Beetroots have betalain pigments that can easily stain anything.  In fact, it is used as a dye to add color to foods such as ice cream, sweets and other confectionary.

To prepare beets properly, trim off its leaves but not the crown to avoid “bleeding” when you cook it – unless of course you’re making a soup and you need the color to spread.   Trim the tapering roots only after it has been cooked.

So if you don’t want to have a temporary beetroot tattoo, remember to put on those disposable gloves!


One Response to “Why You Should Wear Gloves When Preparing Beetroot”

  1. Easyveg says:

    Why wear gloves? I thought that I was going to learn something here.Beetroot Does stain but so what, it washes off, much better than more rubbish to land fill. I hate that word ” disposable”.