Which Parts of the Beetroot Plant Are Edible?


There are some foods that seem a waste to buy.  Why?  You weigh it, buy the whole thing and throw most of it anyway, because of large seeds maybe, or ultra thick skins.

But beetroots are different.  You buy them and you can be sure you can make the most out of your money.  Why?  It’s one among the few plants where all its parts can be eaten!

This root vegetable has two parts – the green leaves and the root.  In ancient times, the roots were not eaten as food; they were used as a medicine to treat toothaches and headaches.  Only the shoots were used as food.

Today, people have already discovered everything in beetroots can be a culinary treat.  Young beetroot leaves can be an added ingredient in salads and stir-fries.  They can be cooked like spinach.

The roots are great for roasting and preserving.  The pigment, betanin, that makes beets red are used to enhance the color of jelly, tomato paste, breakfast cereals and other confectionary food.  It can even be used in non-food products such as a natural dye in clothes and in farming, it can be used as an animal feed.

They can be boiled, baked, stir-fried, or pickled.  It can be eaten raw or processed.  Truly versatile, there’s nothing more you can look for in a vegetable.