Which Beetroot Variety Should I Grow?

Being adept in cooking beetroots doesn’t always mean you’re an expert in growing them.  The best beetroot variety to grow – that’s what you have to know first if you have discovered how flexible these root vegetable is.

The roots of beets can be categorized into three types — globe, long–rooted, and intermediate.

Globe, as the name suggests, is shaped like a globe.  Long-rooted have long roots that can be sown in May to June, and intermediate is sometimes called a “tankard” because of its squat shape.

Beetroot seeds have two main types:  mono-germ and multi-germ.

The mono-germ variety has one seedling per seed which simply means when it grows, you do not have to do a lot of thinning.  Multi-germ is like a pod that produces three to four seeds and unlike the mono-germ, has to be thinned out so that only the strongest will remain.

Two of the best monogerm varieties include “monorubra,” a beet that has long roots that are deep-red in color, and “moneta,” whose roots are round and have a good resistance to bolting.

You can choose several good varieties from the multi-germ cultivar.  These include Bolthardy, Cylindra, Burpee’s Golden and pronto.

Bolthardy is great for early sowing and is also bolt-resistant with smooth skin, while Pronto is ideal for late sowings.  It also thrives even in containers.  Burpee’s Golden has yellow-orange roots and does not bleed even when cut.

Another beetroot variety ideal for early sowing is the Yellow Cylindrical Seeds.  They can be sown in early March to April.  Its roots can be stored in dry sand, peat or soil for winter use.  They are as tasty as the purple variety but with yellow skin and crisp white flesh.

Whatever variety you choose, sow them in rows around four inches apart and not more than one cm deep.

Other recommended varieties of beetroots are Pablo, Red Ace and Wodan.