Where Does Borscht Originate From?

According to food historians, soup was probably invented at the same time cooking was.  And borscht being a soup, must be as old as the two.  But which place did borshct originated from?

A soup made mostly out of beets, served hot or cold with sour cream, borscht is believed to be a specialty in the eastern part of Europe including Russia, Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine.

It’s considered the national soup of Ukraine.  In fact, bors or borst, came from the Slavic word for beet.  And compared to any other country in the world, Ukraine has the most kinds of borscht recipe available.

From Europe, borscht made its way through Russian, Polish and other immigrants to North America.

The existence of Borscht dates back in the medieval times.  Because beets were cheap, it was primarily the food of the poor.  This humble soup never made it on the royal table during the time when Jagiellonian kings were reigning.  Even the royal servants have never consumed borscht.

Borscht has many variants.  Polish borscht recipe includes garlic, onion and of course, red beets.  Some recipes include bacon to infuse a smoky flavor to the soup.  Other variations of this soup include meat and other various vegetables where beets aren’t the main ingredient.