Spicy Pickled Beetroot Recipe

A tasty and spicy beetroot condiment recipe
Yield: 16    Preparation Time: 30 mins    Cooking Time: 1 1/2 hrs
This recipe calls for the use of peppers and allspice which gives the chutney a spicy flavor.


Vinegar, sufficient to cover the beets
2oz whole pepper
2oz allspice to each gallon vinegar

Recipe Instructions

Cook the beetroot.
Put the beetroots into boiling water and let them simmer gently for 1½ hours until they are ¾ of the way done.  Remove them from the water and let them stand to cool.  Once cooled, cut the beetroot into ½ inch thick slices.

Make the pickling sauce.
Boil the vinegar with the pepper and allspice for 10 minutes.  Remove from the heat and allow it to cool.  Once cooled pour it over the beetroot slices.

Jar the beetroot.
Put the beetroot into jars and seal them with the lids immediately.  Ready to eat after 1 week.