How to Remove Beetroot Stains


Sometimes, we forget.  No matter how many times we have been reminded to wear gloves before handling beetroots, still we forget.  We only realize our mistake only after we see our nails turn purple and no amount of scrubbing can seem to get the stains out.

But there’s still hope.  If you have stained your fingers and nails with beets you can use lemon juice or vinegar to clean them out.  It’s that simple.

If it’s washable fabrics you have stained, removing it is a little more complicated, though still easy.  Beetroots are potent dyes – they can stain instantaneously.  Once you see the fabric gets stained, immerse it at once in cold water.

Rub the area with dissolved wash-up liquid until it comes out.  If it doesn’t, soak the fabric in warm water with biological detergent.  This should make the stain go away.  If it still doesn’t, sprinkle borax on the mark, flush with hot water and wash.

You can also try soaking a piece of white bread in cold water before putting it on the stain.  Let the bread stay on it for a few minutes, or until the bread absorbs the stain.  Then, wash the garment the usual way.

For non-washable fabrics, try dabbing cold water on the mark sparingly.  If doesn’t work, better let the dry cleaners do the work.

Beetroots are delicious, but when you see your carpet and furnishings stained with its shouting purple color, things can turn to a real nightmare.

If you have stained your carpet with beets, use a soda siphon of cold water on the mark and get it as dry as you can.  After that, use a carpet shampoo to remove the stain.

For furnishings, dab the mark with cold water and use a commercial home drying cleaning solution.