How to Make Beetroot Wine


Making beetroot wine doesn’t always have to be complicated and long.  There are ways to make delightful wine out of beetroots without having to try your patience.

This beetroot wine recipe should allow you to create wine in just 21 days.

For this, you would need:

  • 3 kilos of beetroots
  • 3 pieces of sweet orange
  • 3 pieces of lime
  • 2 and ½ kilos of sugar
  • A little dry yeast

To make the beetroot wine, begin by washing the beetroots thoroughly, making sure to remove all the grit out.  Then, boil them in water until cooked.

Once they are soft, grind them in a little hot water until the texture becomes consistent.  Add six bottles of warm water and the sugar.  Mix it well.

Next, pour the lime juice and sweet orange in the mixture.  Continue mixing.  Mix the yeast in a little water first before pouring it to the beetroot mixture.

Store the wine for 21 days remembering to stir the concoction every four days.  It can be tried after 21 days.  However, the longer it is kept, the better the taste becomes!


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    How big are your bottles?