How Long Should You Boil Beetroots?


Curiosity might have gotten the better of you that made you purchase the unpopular beets.  And now you are wondering how long you should boil them.

It depends on two things:  one, the recipe.  And two, the size of the beets you bought.

Small beets are sweeter, are easier to boil, plus you can cook it unpeeled.  Medium-sized ones are usually boiled in plain water and take a little longer to cook.

It would be best to slice the beets into chunks, about an inch in size.  If the skin is tough, peel it.  Slice off the roots and a portion of the shoots.  Do not slice off everything or it would lose its color and nutrients.

However, do not throw the shoots away.  You can steam them later on as they are very tasty – and nutritious, too!

Boil the beetroots for about 45 minutes to an hour with the lid on.  If you are doing three kilos of beets, boiling should take about 90 minutes – longer if you are boiling more.

You would know when it’s cooked when the flesh doesn’t resist when you stick it with a fork.  You can then turn off the heat and remove the beets from the pot.

If you didn’t peel the beets when you put them in, now is the time to peel them.  Scrape off the skin using your hand but do wear rubber gloves for they would still be very hot at this time.