Freezing Beetroots

The power of freezing to store fruits and vegetables is immeasurable.  Beetroots are certainly not an exemption – you can freeze this purple-red bulbs to make them last longer.

To freeze either the greens or the roots, you will need to have canning jars, freezer bags, or plastic containers.

When you have any of these materials, start by carefully choosing only tender, smooth roots and those that has a uniformly red color.

Trim the stem – keeping the leaves will make it draw moisture from the root, causing the roots to shrivel.  Leave at least two inches of stalks and wash thoroughly.  If you freeze the beets with the leaves on, it would last only for a couple of days.

Removing the leaves would make it last longer – from two up to four weeks.

Storing raw beetroots is not advisable as they are inclined to become soft upon thawing.  Cooking beets first before freezing them is recommended.  This way, the texture and flavor of the beets are preserved.

To prepare beets for cooking, wash them thoroughly with cold water.  Then, steam or boil lightly to retain its nutrients.  Or you can cook until it is tender, which would take anywhere from 40 to 50 minutes.

Once soft, drain and let it cool.  Then slip off the skin, the stalks and the root end.  You can freeze them whole, sliced, cubed, or quartered.

Cooked beets that have been frozen should last as long as a year in the freezer.

If you want to freeze greens, place them in a separate perforated bag.  They will keep for approximately four days.


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  1. trevor says:

    froze cooked beetroot went soggy when thawed