Five Health Benefits of Beetroot


Their reputation might be dull, confined to being jarred as pickles, but the nutritional value of beetroots cannot be questioned.  Eating these purple-red bulbs has many health benefits.


Fights Cancer

Studies in Europe have linked beetroots with the treatment of cancer.  This is on account of the high betanin-content of this vegetable which inhibits the growth of tumors and reduces chances of having them.

It was also discovered that beet juice is especially helpful in inhibiting nitrosamine, a suspected human carcinogen, in patients with various forms of gastric cancer.

Lowers Cholesterol, Blood Pressure

The fiber found in beets has been discovered to have properties which can lower the bad cholesterol levels in the body and increase the good ones.  A red beet fiber diet can also significantly lower cholesterol in the aorta by almost thirty percent.

Nitrite found in beetroot juice can substantially lower blood pressure even those with normal blood pressure.  Experiments conducted on human subjects showed a reduction to their blood pressure only three hours after ingesting a 500ml beetroot juice.

Regenerates Red Blood Cells

Beetroots are rich in iron and copper.  Its iron-content is higher than that of the spinach.  Iron regenerates and reactivates the red blood cells in the body and copper helps the body absorb iron.  Eating beets are like hitting two birds with one stone – no need to take two supplements to keep your blood healthy.  Just eat beets and it’s all taken care of.  A great blood-builder for thoe with anemia.

Keeps the Liver Healthy

Betaine, a bioactive agent found in beets, was discovered to aid proper liver function by helping it efficiently break down fats.  Consequently, this also aids in efficient weight loss and prevents nausea and fatigue.

Studies about betaine also indicate that it can prevent the accumulation of fatty acid deposits resulting from protein deficiencies, alcohol abuse and diabetes.

Cures Dandruff


Beets can also treat dandruff.  Massage a cup of beet juice with a little vinegar on your scalp and leave it on for an hour before thoroughly rinsing.

Doing this on a daily basis would certainly clear up your dandruff.  No need to use dandruff shampoos with lots of chemicals you can’t pronounce.  Just beet juice is enough to eliminate this embarrassing problem.

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  1. matilda says:

    is beetroot good for nursing mothers?