Can You Eat Beetroots Raw?

Yes, you can eat beetroots raw.  Some people may find it unpalatable, or horrible if it’s more apt to use the word, but beets can be eaten even when it is not cooked.

Most people in the United Kingdom buy beets already pickled or boiled.  However, no matter how horrible it may seem, you can simply peel the skin and eat away.

Eating these purple bulbs raw is even recommended because then, it would have most of its vitamins, minerals and nutrients still intact.

In fact, some researchers are saying that the cancer-curing properties of beetroots are significantly lost in the cooking process so it’s better to eat them raw.

The downside is, if you eat too much raw beetroot, your liver will be asked to work doubly hard to dispose the waste products of beets.  You might get a fever.  Start with small quantities of raw beetroot and gradually increase the serving.

How do you eat raw beetroots?

Peeled raw beets can be grated in a salad like a carrot, or eaten with a splash of lime.  You can grate horseradish and beets, add cold ham and top it off with fresh cream.

It can also be juiced, used in a sandwich or hamburgers.  Raw beets can offer a sweet, earthy flavor, velvety texture and a wonderful color.

However, it may take you several attempts to like raw beets because it is an acquired taste.


6 Responses to “Can You Eat Beetroots Raw?”

  1. isabel cilli says:

    I like cooking it grating and mixing with greek yoghurt and garlic

  2. CDfolia says:

    I always hated beetroot until I started growing my own and made a salad of one large beet, one pear and some chopped feta. It is one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten. The sweetness and wetness of the pear balances the crunchier beet and the feta adds some saltiness. I was going to add lemon and oil dressing but it didn’t need it so I just sprinkled over some sunflower seeds instead. I am a total convert now. The beetroot was tennis ball sized before summer, don’t know if that makes any difference to the taste.

  3. Tom says:

    Describing beetroot as ‘cancer-curing’ is absolute nonsense. There may be some evidence to suggest that beetroot decreases the risk of developing cancer, but it must be understood that cancer is caused by genetic mutations, and there are a huge number of factors that contribute to the development of cancer. To suggest that beetroot cures cancer is very misleading and shows a lack of understanding of the fundamental science. Beetroot is very nice though!

  4. Eunice Namono Natule says:

    Thank for everything on that beetroots Now my question is I have just found out that I have sugars (MUCH] can I use beetroots? its raw boiled one am scared for this disease please advice thank you.

  5. Babatunde S.O. says:

    How may I juice a beetroot and the health benefits!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Zahir A Hashmi says:

    My chloestrol Total is higher (7.1 ) and LDL is also higher (5.10 ).
    Is it ok to drink the beet root juice, is there any side effect.