Braised Beetroot in Soured Cream Recipe

A thick and creamy beetroot side dish recipe
Yield: 4 - 6    Preparation Time:     Cooking Time:
This side dish is Russian in origin and is thick and creamy. It can be served alongside any main course.


1 large beetroot, peeled and cut into small cubes
2 sticks celery, cut into slices
1 carrot, peeled and sliced
1 teaspoon vinegar
75g butter
Salt and pepper

For the sauce;
1 tablespoon flour
250g sour cream
1 teaspoon sugar

Recipe Instructions

Cook the vegetables.

Place all the vegetables in a pot with just enough water to keep the bottom of the pot covered during cooking so the vegetables don’t stick.  Season with salt and pepper to taste, and then add the vinegar and the butter.  Cook the vegetables over a gently heat for 45 – 60 minutes until the beetroot is tender.

Make the sauce.
Mix together the flour and the sour cream and then stir in the sugar.

Finish the dish.
Pour the sauce into the pot with the vegetables and cook for 10 minutes more.


Side Dish