Beetroot Wine-Making Tips

Whatever you call these purple-red globes – beets, beetroots – they still taste good whether as food, or a beverage like wine.  If you want to successfully make your own version of beetroot wine, just follow these helpful tips.

–         To create a more full-bodied wine, use not-so-young beetroots.  You may use young beets, but make sure you age them for a year or two before taste-testing.  Also make sure to follow the recipe precisely.

–         Use dark bottles when ageing your wine.  Shaded bottles will prevent the wine from exposure to sunlight and bleaching out its wonderful red purple color.

–         The wine will taste better if you slice and boil the beets with the skin on.

–         Choose beetroots that have a consistent and even color all throughout.  Why?  Because the color of the root will be the exact same color of the wine you will be creating.

–         If you want the yeast to successfully convert sugar into alcohol, make absolutely certain that the bottle you are using is airtight.

–         Use only high-quality yeast.  Why?  Because the alcohol content and the “fizzy” effect will depend on the quality of the yeast you used.  Also make sure you do not completely fill your fermentation bottle – allow some room.