Beetroot Soup with Greek Feta Cheese Recipe

A creamy beetroot soup recipe
Yield: 3 - 4    Preparation Time:     Cooking Time:
This soup has a distinct Mediterranean flavor and is very nourishing. Best made with roast tomatoes to bring out the Mediterranean flavor.


250g beetroot, coarsely grated
1 small onion, peeled and finely chopped
250g tomatoes, halved
1 clove garlic, roughly chopped
60g feta cheese
1 tablespoon olive oil
250ml stock
Salt and freshly ground black pepper

Recipe Instructions

Preheat the oven to 190C.

Prepare the tomatoes.
Place the tomatoes in an ovenproof dish, add the garlic and drizzle over half of the olive oil.  Place them in the oven and roast them for 25 – 30 minutes until they are soft.  Remove them from the oven and rub them through a sieve to remove the skins and the pips.

Make the soup.
Heat the remaining oil in a saucepan and fry the onions for a few minutes until they are soft.  Add the beetroot and the stock and bring the mixture to the boil.  Reduce the heat and let the soup simmer for 7 – 10 minutes until the beetroot is soft then stir in the tomato puree.  Pour the soup into a blender and blend until completely smooth, tasting and adjusting the seasoning if necessary.

Reheat the soup very slowly ensuring it does not boil.  Pour into warm bowls and crumble a little of the feta cheese over each bowl.  Delicious served with crusty bread.