Beetroot Juice Recipe


Unlike other juices made of fruits that have mild and slow effects, raw beetroot juice is very potent.

In a research conducted in the UK, the nitrate-content in beets can bring down the blood pressure of a person in as little as an hour, with its peak at three to four hours after ingestion.

Thus, it is recommended that it be diluted at least four times with other juices that are mild like cucumber, carrots and the like.  Doing so would also add a special flavor to the juice.

Here’s a beetroot juice recipe you might like.  For this, you would need:

  • A small beetroot
  • Two large carrots
  • An apple
  • A stalk of celery

Start by washing all the vegetable and the fruit thoroughly.  Cut off the tops of the beetroot and the carrots.  If the beetroot has a tough skin, peel it.  If not, leave the skin on.  Do not peel the apple but do remove its core.

Slice all the vegetables and the apple small enough to fit in your juicer.  Juice and serve.  You can also put it in the refrigerator first to serve cold.

Taking a regular dose of beetroot juice should not only improve the condition of those with high blood pressure, it should also improve the endurance of athletes, calm the nerves, regulate menstrual problems, and cure anemia.


2 Responses to “Beetroot Juice Recipe”

  1. Faika Meyer says:

    Can I give a 10yr old boy beetroot juice to drink

  2. J Collett says:

    Beetroot juice can taste a bit ‘earthy’ when you first try it. I found that starting small with perhaps a quarter of a raw beetroot in a juice of 3 parts carrot and apple juice, then adding an inch of ginger root and a blade of fennel removes the earthy taste. If the juice is still a little too potent, then dilute with sparkling water and serve in a large wine glass. Lovely when chilled on a hot summer day.