Beetroot as a Superfood


The humble beetroot has emerged from the pickle jar to becoming the new superfood of the 21st century.

According to health experts, this purple red bulb is virtually fat-free, rich in iron, copper and packed with vitamins and nutrients that can bring immeasurable good to human health.

One major component of beets which brings several health benefits is betacyanin, a naturally-occurring pigment that makes its roots and stems reddish-purple in color.

Aside from making beets attractive and colorful, this pigment is also an anti-cancer agent.

The positive effects of ingesting beets were exhibited by patients with stomach cancer.  Scientists discovered that beet juice can effectively inhibit cell mutations caused by nitrosamines, a cancer-causing compound produced in the stomach that is commonly used in processed meats as a preservative.

Aside from fighting cancer, a recent study in the UK also showed these purple bulbs to boost the stamina of endurance athletes.

Drinking beetroot juice allows these athletes to exercise up to 16 percent longer because the nitrate-content in beets reduces their oxygen uptake while training which makes it less tiring.

Making beets a part of your diet can bring countless of other health benefits.  It can reduce blood pressure, improve circulation, regenerate the immune system and help your liver break down fatty acids.

It helps develop hair strands, reduces cholesterol and aids in the growth of tissues.

Because of its iron-content, it also significantly helps in the formation of hemoglobin in the blood and so many other minor and major health benefits.

So, give yourself that serving of beet and do yourself a dose of good.