Beetroot : An Easy Vegetable to Grow From Seed

Undervalued as a crop, beetroots are extremely easy to grow from seed.  In fact, it is among the top 10 most popular vegetables to cultivate in your garden.

If you have discovered the value of beets both as a food and as a crop, you would want to grow it in your own backyard.  To successfully do so, you would need to choose your own beetroot variety, prepare the soil for planting, know how to choose the correct location and then finally, to sow the seeds the right way.

The Soil

After you have chosen the cultivar you would like to grow, you would need to prepare the soil where they would be sown.

Beets love non-acidic soil – those with a pH of 6.5 to 7.  If your soil has too much acid, add lime to balance it off.

They also thrive in soil that is light to medium, but if your soil is heavy, try digging it over before sowing.  Do not add manure to the soil if you do not want the beetroot plants to develop its roots the wrong way.  You can put a general fertilizer to the soil two weeks prior to sowing.

Remove stones and weeds in the area as these can restrict the root growth of your beets.

The Location

Beetroots are truly versatile whether in food or as a crop.  They will grow either in full sun or part shade.

However, if you choose to cultivate beetroot plants in full sun, make sure the soil does not dry out.  Letting it grow thirsty would prolong the germination process and reduce its growth rate.

You can grow beets in your garden or in pots that are about three to four inches big.  The seedlings can then be planted out in its final home.  However, it’s best that they be seeded directly in their permanent places.

How to Sow

Before sowing make sure the last frost has already passed.  Soak the seeds for a few hours prior to sowing and sow them thinly 12 inches apart in rows, about 2 cm deep.  After that, cover the seeds in a fine layer of topsoil – just about an inch deep and water.

Make sure the soil remain consistently damp until you see the seedlings emerge from the ground.   When they have grown big enough, they can be thinned out to one plant every three inches apart.

Keep the plants amply watered throughout their growth period to prevent the roots from becoming coarse and woody.  The beetroots should be ready for harvesting approximately three months after sowing.